Forge Busted The General (DAY 1B Highlights)

Michael Anthony Forgione, preferably Forge, bagged DAY 1B yesterday with 319K in chips. By level 9, Forge had worked up his chip stack to approximately 300K and was the chip leader at this point. How did Forge get there? Early on he busted The General out of DAY 1B. Anyone who has played a tournament from here to New Jersey knows Yasin "The General" Ahmady. Unfortunately The General asked me not to take a photo of him, and here we are- DAY 2, no return of the Mack. Don't worry- The General always returns!

Forge played strong on DAY 1B. I saw him find some good folds even when the temptation to bust short stacks out was knocking. It didn't leave much room for additional photo opps, but we will be seeing Forge on his return for Day 2


DAY 1B: 6th in chips/18 remaining

1A & 1B: 14th in chips/32 remaining

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