Flopped set by Nutter takes out Smith..

Shortly after the break with less than 80 players remaining, Sandra Ann Smith is eliminated by Derek Nutter (pictured above). The hand plays out as follows:

Smith is in the big blind-BB (400/800 blinds). Nutter is in late position, and is one of four (4) callers of the big blind. Smith takes advantage of her option, to raise to 2800 on the BB. Nutter and two (2) other players call, the small blind-SB drops out.

Flop comes: 6♣️ 3♦️ 4♠️

Smith is first to act and pushes all in with approximately 20K in chips. Nutter ends up being the only caller, leaving him heads up with Smith. Cards are shown:

Smith: 7♣️ 7♠️ (medium sized pair, chance for a gut shot straight with a 5)

Nutter: 6♦️ 6♥️ (flopped set)✔️

Turn: 4♣️

River: 2♠️

Smith is eliminated by Nutter's flopped set.

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