Final Table Players & Chip Counts!

Updated: Feb 20

Congratulations to our 10 remaining who have made the final table of our Veterans Day Event! At this point, every player is at least making $1500, but the ultimate goal is the $20,000 grand prize for 1st Place! Check out who's still in, by seat assignment:

Seat #1: Jack Kelley- 1.425M

Seat #2: Eugene Fernandez- 830K

Seat #3: Kyle Davis- 1.41M

Seat #4: Steve Zampitella. - 1.55M

Seat #5: Jeff Smith- 2.1M

Seat #6: David Kurtz- 2.2M

Seat #7: Dom Nguyen- 5.3M

Seat #8: Jack On- 4.67M

Seat #9: James Atkins- 820K

Seat #10: Scott Ferguson- 1.85M

*Disclaimer: All chip counts are approximate, and player reported. Accuracy has not been verified by BBC&C.*

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