Final Table is Set: Chip Counts and Finalists!

Final Table Time 😎! Congrats to the 10 finalists and good luck as you compete for that top spot of $10,000!! Some great prizes up top and serious money to be made with every jump in pay. The finalists are listed below by seat:

Seat 1) Adam Johnson: 735,000

Seat 2) Kevin Milas: 655,000

Seat 3) Jane Parenteau: 995,000

Seat 4) Dwayne Baptista: 2.375M

Seat 5) Alex Roukas: 310,000

Seat 6) Sean Miller: 765,000

Seat 7) Brian Ng: 485,000

Seat 8) Stephen Patronick: 980,000

Seat 9) Zach Fisher: 1.1M

Seat 10) Timothy Goodwin: 775,000

It goes without saying these ten finalists are some seriously talented individuals having already bested 170 other players in a very competitive field. It’s going to take some serious strategy and of course, some good luck, for the eventual winner to navigate to that top spot! Let’s see who prevails!

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