Final Table Fireworks Light Up Fast!

Updated: Jan 17

The final table ignites with action within the first fifteen minutes of play. The short stack of the table, Senhao Chao with approximately 65K in chips, goes all-in early on with pocket Jacks. Second in chips, Jimmy Ciampa calls with A♦️7♦️. Board runs out:

Q♣️ A♥️ 5♦️7♣️ Q♠️

Ciampa takes out the first player at the final table with his two pair. Jacks aren't able to hook a win. Chao places 10th for $1,200.

A few hands later, we see short stack Michael Philbin-Pellano with 300K double up through an all-in to give him a healthy working stack.

Ciampa within six hands takes out two more players in a multi-way all-in. Short stack George Champey has about 125K and goes all-in with. Ciampa only calls. Hasjir Hooseiroozbehani is behind Ciampa and shoves all-in with around 2 MIL in chips. Ciampa insta calls and the hand plays out:

Champey: A♠️ 7♥️

Ciampa: K♥️ K♦️

Hooseiroozbehani: 7♠️ 7♦️

Flop: K♠️ T♦️6♣️

Turn: 4♥️

River: Q♠️

Champey takes 9th for $1200.

Hooseiroozbehani is able to secure an extra $300 with an 8th place cash of $1500.

This hand puts Ciampa neck in neck with the current chip leader Kyle Chalifoux, both having over 4 MIL in chips with seven players remaining.

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