“Ducks Fly Together!”

Huge shout out to Jackie Meyer on her quad deuces (ducks) landing her a tremendous pay-day just shy of $2,000 💰 💰💰

For only a $7 bet to start, Jackie’s “pocket 2’s” finished the job as the board ran out 2❤️ 9♠️ 2♠️ giving her FOUR-OF-A-KIND for a 35-1 payout in our crowd favorite, Mississippi Stud!

This game has been sizzling as of late 🔥! Could it have something to do with our Mississippi Madness jackpots, which are just shy of $4,000 right now? You be the judge! Come on by and try your luck at BBCC where this is just one example of the many ways to win big 👍🏻

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