Dream Spot for Rosenfeld: Dead to a Chop!

The hand right before break proved to be a lucrative one for Marc Rosenfeld who found himself in a dream situation in a multi-way hand just before break.

Cut-Off (C/O): XX

Rosenfeld: K❤️J♦️ Small Blind (SB): J♥️8♣️

With the final hand at the 300/600 level, action folded around to the cut-off (C/O) who opened for 1,500. Rosenfeld called from the button as did the small blind (SB). Big blind opted to fold which brought us 3-handed action to a flop.

Flop: Q♣️ 10♠️ 9♠️

First to act, SB elected to check which sent action over to the C/O who made a continuation bet of 600. Rosenfeld made the call from the button. SB decided on a check/raise to a total bet of 5,000!

After thinking it over C/O decided to fold which put the action on Rosenfeld. After a few seconds of thinking Rosenfeld elected to “3-bet” to 15,000 followed quickly by a “4-bet” ALL-IN from the SB!

The cards were rolled over and the SB realized the disastrous situation they were in. Rosenfeld’s K♥️J♦️ had the smaller straight dead to a chop! With a 6♦️and a 8♠️ river, no help was brought to the SB hand and Rosenfeld took the pot plus a full double!

Rosenfeld: 93,900

SB: 20,600

Players have now returned from their 15 minute break and action is back underway!

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