“Don’t forget to KISS 💋 your dealer!”

There are just some hands you actually have to see in person to believe! Last night proved to have one of them…

Featured above, Jensri (blue) was on the receiving end of a MAJOR pot shipped to her by dealer Chris R. (red) in the 2/2 PLO Cash Game! On a flop of 2♠️3♠️4♠️, Jensri held the 5♠️6♠️ giving her a straight flush against an opponent that had the A♠️ high flush! Stacks clashed on the flop, and by the river Jensri pulled in a $4,000+ pot!

Major action, mountains of fun and just another way to win at Boston Billiard Club & Casino 7 days a week!! Come check us out!

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