Day 1C Second Break Chip Counts. Soma in the Lead, 55 Remaining…

As the second break for Day 1C comes to an end, we have our updated chip counts. Soma Natarajan leads the pack but a couple of “your favorite dealers” are right on his heels. The stacks are as follows…

1) Soma Natarajan- 302,500

2) Jon Lewellyn- 181,000

3) Tony Pham- 176,000

4) Steve Zampitella- 169,500

5) Angel Molina- 150,500

6) Jack Niles- 144,000

7) Keith Romo- 136,000

8) Lisa Perenzin- 134,000

A lot of poker action remains as chips are starting to fly and players are starting to fall. Someone to keep your eye on is Steve Zampitella who was the co-champion of our last holiday $250. Could he pull off the back to back victory? Stay tuned to find out!

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