Day 1B Doesn’t Disappoint

First and foremost… *brushes dirt off shoulder 😏😏* (Now let’s get back to it).

Intense action is already abound as Day 1B of the Daniel Decoteau $250 Veteran’s Day Tournament enters its first break of the day. No matter what table you look at, no poker fan will be left disappointed. Stacks are going up, “All-In” buttons are flying as the returning stack sizes have been posted from the Day 1A advancers and Katlyn Arruda’s 900k+ chip count is not an easy mark to reach!

Quite the mix in the field tonight. A balanced assortment of BBC&C dealers and floor staff, regular Boston Billiard cash grinders, local tournament monsters and some “unknowns” create a nice blend that is sure to produce some interesting match ups! Good luck to everyone in the field tonight on your quest to “Bag em’ up” and return for Day 2 on Sunday 🙌😎

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