Day 1A Comes to a Close!

After a BOOMING! day of poker at BBC&C Day 1A of the Boston Billiard Multi Flight $250 comes to a close. Congrats to all the players returning for Day 2 Sunday, 7/11 (Posted below in order of chip counts)

Stephen Patronick: 523,000

Jane Parenteau: 490,000

Richard Dagenais: 435,000

Richard Legg: 424,000

Adam Johnson: 419,000

Paul Saraceno: 332,000

Michael Bridgman: 273,000

Chris Schulz: 271,000

Brian Ng: 233,000

Tim Goodwin: 224,000

Siddharth Dutta: 175,000

Kevin Stanton: 172,000

Jack Niles: 156,000

Chorng Meong: 135,000

Bryant Taylor: 113,000

Larry Khirallah: 53,000

Captain Jack Colon: 50,000

Candy Nhoybouakong: 23,000

Day 1B will commence tomorrow 7/10 at 12PM! Good luck to all players tomorrow 😎👍🏻

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