Davis says he's back with a Vengeance!

Let's take a moment to welcome back Kyle Davis, our second place finisher of our Dan Decoteau Memorial Veterans Day Multi-Flight event. Davis made an impressive run making it to the final table, 7th in chips with 1.41M. He played through some heavy stacks, outlasting Jack Ong, who started the final table second in chips with over 4M.

Davis took 2nd for $12,000 to our very own, Dom Nguyen who took first for $20,000. This was a very special event as we honored our lost leader and beloved team member Daniel Decoteau. It was the largest poker tournament for BBC&C and the state of New Hampshire to date.

Davis currently remains in today's final flight, with close to 180K in chips, putting him in the lead over Thielen but still slightly behind our "mystery man" who now sits with over 200K in chips. The event is about to resume after taking a short break at 1500/3k/3k blinds with 51 players out of 90 remaining.

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