Mike Hinkle found a nice spot for an early “chip up” as he battled the Button (B) from the Small Blind (SB) in a heads up hand.

At the 300/600 level action folded around to the Button who decided to make a raise to 1,500. The Big Blind (BB) was away from the table during the start of the hand, leaving 600 “dead money” in the middle and only Hinkle left to act from the Small Blind (SB). He laid the call.

FLOP: Q♥️5♥️2♠️

Hinkle decided to lead with a “check” over to B who decided to C-Bet 1,500. Hinkle made a quick call.

TURN: 9♣️

Hinkle again decided to check to B who fired out a bet if 3,000. After a few seconds of deliberation, Hinkle opted to Check/Raise (C/R) to a total bet of 8,000. B made the call behind.


Hinkle decided to lead out this time, opting to continue with the same sizing of 8,000. Much to his surprise B decided to raise the river, with a min-click to 16,000. Hinkle quickly makes the call behind.

Button: A♦️Q♦️ Hinkle: 9♦️9♠️

The A♦️Q♦️ caught an unfortunate river card, improving to trips with an ace kicker but proved to be no match for Hinkle’s nines full!

Some discussion brewed on after the hand about Hinkle’s decision to not re-raise the river. Recognizing the Button (B) might be raising a wider range than normal with the Big Blind missing, Hinkle decided to play it a little more cautious. Sometimes it’s better to play it safer in early stages than be sorry!

Some quality poker being played between these two players. Nice hand Mike Hinkle!

Action continues on as we approach the 400/800 blind level!

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