Cronin’s Pocket Kings Hold up to Eliminate Krinchelli!

Kevin Cronin ends up in a heads up, all-in with previously featured, Avi Krinchelli.

Blinds are 1500/3000. Michael Roma (seat 4) min-raises to 6K. Cronin re-raises to 20K. Folds around to Avi Krinchell, where he shoved all-in. Folds back around to Roma who tank-folds. Cronin insta-calls the all-in with, and flips his K♠️ K♥️. Krinchelli flips over 9♣️ 9♠️. Board runs clean and pocket Kings hold ✅. Krinchelli’s remaining 30K in chips are shipped to Cronin.

Don’t worry, Michael Roma gets his piece of the action next hand…

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