Cowdell Pulling in Pots! 💪🏻

In the earlier level Jim Cowdell pulled in a nicely sized pot to add to his growing collection of chips! Here is just one hand along the drunken roller-coaster ride he calls his “tournament game.” 😉

At the 400/800/800 level the table played short as we were one player away from a table balance. Cowdell took full advantage with a nicely sized opening bet of 3200 from early position.

Cowdell: K♣️9♣️ BB: XX

All players folded around to the BB who decided to defend his blind. The two went heads up to a flop:

Flop: 9♠️7♣️9♥️

Great flop for Cowdell who IMMEDIATELY checked back facing an initial check from the BB.

Turn: A♦️

The BB checked again to Cowdell who decided to throw out a bet of 5,000.

The BB opted to call!

River: J♥️

The BB checked a third time with Cowdell firing out a meaty bet of 17,000 which was quickly called behind. Cowdell’s trip nines proved to be the winner.

Jim Cowdell is proof that an active player combined with strong betting “lines” can be an absolute weapon at the table! Keeping other players guessing is an important part of the game, one Cowdell has proven to have mastered through the years.

Good luck to him and the rest of the field as we approach the final level before second break!

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