Costa's table brings more FIREWORKS!

Multi-way all-in that eliminates player in seat 1, next hand

Al Costa is at it again, getting a double up from his opponent in seat 1. His opponent ends up all-in, pre-flop after the under the gun (UTG) player raises to 15K. The all-in player has A♥️ Q♠️. Costa ends up all-in with Kings (K♦️K♠️) ✅ for approximately 80K in chips, less than the original all-in.

Board runs out: 5♥️ 3♥️ K♣️ 10♦️7♠️

A flopped set with no cards to dodge brings Costa back to a healthy stack, around 175K.

Winner of multi-player all-in pot, featured

The next hand, seat 1 is UTG and raises to 15K. The largest chip stack at the table, opponent in seat 2 calls (pictured below). The player in seat 9 (pictured above) goes all-in for 60K. UTG calls (all-in for less), player in seat 2 calls.

UTG/Seat 1: A♠️ 6♥️

Seat 2: A♥️ J♣️

Seat 9: 9♣️ 9♦️✅

Board runs out: 7♦️ K♣️ 10♣️ 3♠️ 2♥️

Chip leader @ table and caller in multi-way, all-in featured

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