Cordeiro avoids the BUBBLE!

Devin Cordeiro folds pocket Jacks to save his tournament life, and avoids the bubble! Impressive play on his part, as his opponent, Alex Fitzgerald flops a monster.

Blinds are 800/1600. Cordeiro is dealt Jacks in the big blind (BB). There is one caller in-between Cordeiro and Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald raises to 40K. The button (B) calls, and small blind (SB) folds. Cordeiro plays it safe with one caller and one other player to act and just calls the raise. Remaining player folds, leaving the action 3-way to the flop.

Flop: 10♦️6♥️ 3♦️

Cordeiro opens for 150K. Fitgerald goes into the tank, then goes all-in after about a minute. The button (B) immediately folds. Cordeiro definately feels the pressue and stands up to think. I am standing behind him and am able to see his pocket Jacks. If he busts here, he will be the bubble, with zero in his pocket. It is a difficult decision as he is easily facing an over pair, a possible flopped set of Tens, and there is a flush draw on the table. Cordeiro does have a J♦️ , but would need to run out two more if Fitzgerald has a set. Even if he ahead, it could end terribly, as Fitzgerald has him covered with 500K in chips total. Folding here, still leaves Cordeiro with 300K in chips remaining and a fair chance to make it pretty far in today's event.

Cordeiro folds and shows his J♦️ J♣️

Fitzgerald shows 7♦️6♦️

Although not a flush, Fitzgerald flops middle pair, and has a flush draw. Any 6 or diamond crushes Cordeiro's Jacks. Solid fold for Cordeiro. He ends up making up for it a few hands later and gains some health back with A♠️J♦️for a win!

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