Ciampa takes out another opponent at the Final Table (and another)!

Updated: Jan 17

The action quiets down for about an hour and then Ciampa is at it again! Ruidi Cao is short stacked with just under his 700K final table starting stack when he is all-in with K♣️ 7♦️. Ciampa has A♠️ Q♥️. Hand plays out:

Flop: Q♦️ 2♣️ 5♦️

Ciampa flops top pair!

Turn: 7♣️

Cao gains some hope turning the 7, praying for a live K on the river…

River: 6♥️

No luck for Cao, he cashes 7th for $1,800. Ciampa confirms his spot as chip leader over Kyle Chalifoux.

Not long after this, he takes out Michael Philbin-Pellano who is short stacked again at this point. Philbin-Pellano takes 6th for $2,400. He held on a while, taking a nice little cash.

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