Chip leaders with 18 players left!

These gents are our top chip leaders as of level 18. Binds are currently 15K/30K with a 30K Big Blind Ante. Break is in less than 4 minutes for a chance to recharge.

Player recaps in order of blog appearance:

1. Dave "Brady Dog" Thompson is chip leader with 1.5M in chips. Thompson started DAY 2 with 324,000

2. Alex Roukas sits with about 900K in chips. He started DAY 2 with 423,000.

3. William Nunes has just over 1M in chips with a DAY 2 stating total count of 428,000.

4. Louis Cummings from DAY 1A has about 1.2 M and started today with 131,500.

5. Alex Fitzgerald has 1M+ in chips that he is stacking, pictured with Cummings. Fitzgerald started the day with 328,500.

6. VInny D. sits with 800K and started DAY2 with 337,000.

7. Ryan L. has just of 1.1M and started today with 361,500.

8. Andrew A. has just under 1M in chips with a DAY 2 starting stack of 375,000.

*All chip counts are estimated. Players with no last name listed preferred first names listed only.*

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