Chip Leaders/Chip Counts at the Break

Pictured above, Florante Sanuco, has amassed a COMMANDING chip stack as he’s broken the 400,000+ chip barrier already at the second break 😱

Although this is a dream start, there’s still plenty of talent left in the field with plenty of poker left to be played. Let’s see if this momentum keeps up. In the meantime here’s some of the chipleaders and updated chip counts:


Florante Sanuco: 406,500

Lori Gleason: 276,000

Steve Zampitella: 220,000


Mike Hinkle: 128,000

Jim Cowdell: 125,000

Louis Cummings: 162,000

Sean Miller: 102,000

Break is coming to a close as players return to Level 9, 4K-2K-4K. Good luck to all players still remaining in the event 😎

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