Break Two Underway: Big Stacks & Chip Counts

With the second break coming to a close in just a few minutes here are the current chip leaders and there stack totals:

Brian Ng: 281,000

Rick Legg: 173,000

Jane Parenteau: 167,000

Brendan Donovan: 166,000

Chith Keo: 155,000

Stephen Patronick: 153,000

Marc Rosenfeld: 151,000

Henry Deboer: 151,000

Paul Saraceno: 142,000

Dan Coffey: 141,000

A few more tournament players that you may recognize:

Adam Johnson: 141,000

Timothy “Don” Fisher: 78,000

Lorraine Gleason: 48,000

Bob Jepson: 29,000

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