It’s a BIG WEEK for high hand bonuses at BBC&C this week. Come take advantage and try your luck as our bonuses are JUICEDDDD! They are listed as follows:

Wednesday, September 29th: $300 every hour to both Hold’em AND Omaha high hands. Royal Flush Bonus is at $2,000 meaning winner will receive a collective $2,300 for the hand! Great score!

Friday, October 1st: Come kick your October off right! Our Aces & Faces jackpot is going to open up at $1,400! If you receive a high hand of Quad J’s-A’s hit the prize on top of the $300 hourly high hand! But be mindful, a straight flush can knock you off the board! Your high hand must hold!!

Saturday, October 2nd: Our straight flush roll over bonus is going to open up at $1,200 this coming Saturday! Right off the bat any qualifying straight flush will win a lucky player a MINIMUM of $1,500 growing every hour it goes w/o hitting!

Lots of exciting things and some big money for this week(end)’s forecast at BBC&C! Come try your luck, maybe it’s your week to leave a big winner 🏆 🏅

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