Battle of the Big Stacks 💥

Just before break, and the start of level 23, Glendyne busted out, leaving the original big stacks to battle it out for the win. The following players remain, by chip count (highest to lowest).

1st- Du Nay: 3,000,000

2nd- Dave Thompson: 2,600,000

3rd- Mark Sullivan: 2,500,000

4th- Graham Ketteridge: 2,000,000

5th-Sean Cushings: 1,200,000

6th- Adam's Roomate: 900,000

Nay, now 1st in chips, managed to swap chip counts with Graham Ketteridge who is now in 4th. Dave "Brady Dog" Thompson has doubled up + making his way to 2nd place in chips. Cushings and Adam's roomate have lost a little in chips to the table, but are still hanging on.

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