Azzo Close to Early Elimination…

Ishak Azzo, a frequent regular of BBC&C, joined us today for DAY 1C. Azzo (pictured above) is tabling an all-in on the button, which almost leads to his last hand of the day.

The blinds are 300/600. The action from the blinds fold around to Robert Abay (pictured below to Azzo’s right) who raises to 1600 in late position. Azzo on the botton (B) calls the raise. The small blind (SB) and big blind (BB) follow suit.

Flop: Q♠️ 10♣️ 10♠️

Both blinds check to Abay, who leads for 2500. Azzo quickly pushes all-in on his button. Both blinds fold.

Abay ends up turning over A♠️J♠️, revealing his STRAIGHT FLUSH DRAW.

Azzo flips over first his K♠️ to reveal he steals the best card for Abay to hope for. He squeezes out a 5♠️ for a dominated flush draw.

Turn: 9♦️, Azzo now has a better chance for a straight

River: J♥️, Azzo hits his straight and remains in play!

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