Our Biggest Poker High Hand EVER!

“Better than a surf board”

Big congrats go out to our friend Austin, who picked the elusive Big Ticket Tuesday “Top Prize” envelope good for a $9,000 payday! 😎

About halfway through the two hour high hand period, Austin’s 6❤️4❤️ completed a straight flush which allowed him a chance at the jackpot. With 9 envelopes on the board, he had a 1-in-9 shot at picking the “Big Ticket.”

Austin quickly deliberated and landed on the first envelope as he and the room exploded with applause at the reveal of the “Top Prize.” Congrats Austin, way to go 👍🏻

When asked how it felt to hit the big one Austin joked “better than a surf board.” (He had won a surfboard in our monthly pit raffle less than a week ago). Well when it’s your week, it’s your week. Keep that lucky train rolling, Austin!

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