“Arruda” Wakening

A big hand took place slightly before the break where a very minor “miss-click” led to a MAJOR reward for Katlyn Arruda!

At the 800/1600/1600 action folded around to the HI-JACK (H/J) who made a raise to 3,300. The CUT-OFF (C/O) laid the call over to the BUTTON (B) who shoved ALL-IN for 27,300 in chips!

Thinking she was closing action on the opening bet, Arruda laid out the call of 3,300 from the BB not realizing there was an All-IN in front of her. A floor manager was quickly called and ruled that, unfortunately, her call stood and she must put in the 27,300. Action folded around and the two went heads up and exposed their holdings!

Katlyn Arruda: 10♣️9♥️ Button: A♠️A♥️

Seemingly a disastrous “miss-click” and obviously discouraged at the situation, Arruda’s demeanor quickly shifted as the flop brought TWO TENS! 10♥️ 4♣️ 10♠️!

The board ran out clean and Arruda pulled in a 60,000+ CHIP POT eliminating her opponent. It takes a little bit of luck once in a while to navigate a field like this, that’s for sure! Katlyn Arruda had herself a “happy accident!” She’s been putting those chips to use as she’s amassed a top 3 chip stack coming back from second break! WTG 👍🏻👍🏻

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