Are You Crazy-4-Poker?!

Updated: Apr 1

Congrats to our friend on her STRAIGHT FLUSH 2❤️ 3❤️ 4❤️ 5❤️, netting her over $500 on the hand!

You might be wondering why there is only four cards posted above. In the featured game (Crazy 4 Poker) players must make their best FOUR card hand as opposed to the five card, poker version!

Using their best four card combination, players must beat the dealer; with higher and higher bonuses paid out for the rarity of the hand. A straight flush fits that description😎👍🏻

In addition to a massive payday, players receive a raffle entry with any straight flush which qualifies them to win all sorts of great prizes, including a 50” flat screen television!

Special reminder our raffle will be held tonight, March 31st, at 7PM. Hope to see you there!

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