Arbuthnot becomes a Top Chip Leader after FLOPPED FLUSH!

Nicholas Arbuthnot scoops a nice win, totaling his chip tally to over 150K.

On the button, Nick calls a raise to 4K from the player in seat 9. The small blind (SB) also calls.

Flop: 7♣️ 4♣️ 3♣️

The SB checks to the original raiser who goes all-in for 19K. Nick takes a minute to think as he does not have the nut flush and has another player to act behind him. He calls. SB folds. Cards are tabled:

Nick's hand: Q♣️ J♣️

Opponent's hand: 5♠️ 5♥️

Turn: 6♥️


Nick's flopped, third nut flush holds to his opponent's turned, gut shot straight. Nice hand Nick!

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