Albert Croteau Finds a HUGE Spot: KK vs. KK vs. QQ!

Shortly after the second break, Albert Croteau and the blinds find themselves engaged in a MONSTER of a hand! It played out as follows:

Croteau: K♣️K❤️ SB: K♠️K♦️ BB: Q♣️Q♦️

First to act, Croteau “min-clicks” from UTG at the 1500/3000/3000 to a raise of 6,000. Action folds around to the SB who 3-bets to 20,000 followed instantly by a “4-Bet All-In” by the BB for 57,500!

With action back on Croteau, he makes the call, though visually distraught! With action back on the SB, player decides to now “5-Bet OVER THE TOP!” for an additional 16,000. Croteau, now being “pot-commited” makes the call and the three go to show down.

With Q♣️Q♦️ trailing to the double pocket K’s it seems like a chop is inevitably in the future until the flop rolls out 4♣️ 7♣️ 10♣️! Completely free-rolling against the shared pair, and having to fade a “Q” Croteau shouts, “Club!” “Club!”

No dice on the turn, as the J♠️ hits, but as if the “Poker Gods” were listening a 3♣️ hits on the end delivering Croteau the massive pot and a double knock out!

Croteau- 228,000

SB- Eliminated

BB- Eliminated

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