A Tale of Two Roommates

A couple “local legends” still in the mix as the tournament enters the seventh level of play.

Adam Johnson and Jeff Krause have been two familiar names in the New Hampshire poker world each bringing their own “flavor” to the poker tables.

Johnson is the silent assassin type, you barely notice he’s at the table until you see the castle he consistently amasses. Krause? The polar opposite! Jeff will typically engage in friendly chatter with his table mates and make his presence known. But don’t let his kindness fool you! See that alligator smile for what it is because he is a force to be reckoned with on the felt.

Although they may have completely different demeanors in their table presence, both players have established themselves in the poker world both live and online. Johnson currently sits behind a fortress of tourney chips, while Krause has his work cut out for him with under 35,000. Let’s see if he can rally back into the fray!

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