A Sea of Familiar Faces

Most seasoned tournament players will tell you that, in between the joyous moments of victory, often times tournaments can be truly gut-wrenching!

There is no better way to sum it up then to say you need to "try and try again." There's a lot of factors at play! Luck, timing, knowledge of the game, math, psychology, adjusting on the fly to fit certain situations and opponents... the list of "to-do's" is endless! And if everything aligns you may just get lucky enough to find yourself winning some serious bucks! But you need to roll with the punches and not become discouraged.

Pictured above are both former 2 Day $250 Co-Champions looking to run the gauntlet back, as well as true tournament grinders willing to throw their hat in the ring once more! Both Alex Roukas (Photo #1 ) and Kevin Milas (Photo #2 ) were fortunate enough to grab an equal share of last tournament's prize pool netting over $5,000 each!

They'll have to get through an incredibly tough field of player's standing in their way if they want repeated results! A few of these players include Frank "Skullman" Harrington (Photo #3), Linda Swears (Photo #4) and Andre "Dre" R. the self proclaimed "Milford Monster!"

Good luck to the returning champs and all remaining players in the field! The tournament has filled in nicely as we start to watch the chips fly!

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