A “Royal” Start for Fishman

Early level action arose on Table 830 multi-way at the 100/200 level that left Jordan Fishman the victor of a nice pot! The hand played as such:

Fishman: A♦️9♠️ UTG+1: K♣️Q♥️ MP, Button, BB: XX

UTG+1 opens the hand for a 4x raise of 800 with Fishman and three others calling behind. Total pot was at 4,100.

Flop: K♠️J♦️Q♦️

A “well-painted” flop rolled out as we went five handed. All players decided to check this street and see a free turn card:

Turn: 10♦️

Both the BB and UTG+1 continued to check over to Fishman who decided to bet 2,000 with his hand. (Broadway with a Royal Flush Re-Draw)! Action folded around to UTG+1 who laid the call:

River: K♦️

JACKPOT! Fishman hits the GIN card giving him a Royal Flush and his opponent K’s Full! UTG+1 leads 4,000 into Fishman who stews for a minute and raises (of course) to a total of 9,500! His opponent lays the call and sees the bad news.

Quite a “royal” start for Jordan Fishman who saw success during our Memorial Day $250 taking second place! If he continues to get cards like this we may just see a repeat run!

Now entering the first break of the day with 82 players remaining!

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