10th… 9th… 8th place finishers!

Robi Abay finished 10th place getting paid $660 for the grind! Abay’s A♥️J♥️ left him in double trouble against a set of 5’s and A♠️K♣️. Great two days of poker for Abay though expect to see his name again!

Alex Roukas, a former $250 champion, took a tough one after he set was no good to a back door straight! Left with less than a big blind Roukas couldn’t regain momentum but left with $840 for his 9th place finish! Strong showing yet again Alex!

Our 8th place finisher was Sittipong Sayphrarath. Entering our final table as the “short stack” Sayphrarath did an excellent job ladder climbing a few spots to enter the four-figure payouts and landing $1,100!

The final table commences 7-handed!

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