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Roll the dice to see what you win!

No Match: $50 in Rewards

One Pair: $100 in Rewards

Three-of-a-kind: $500 Cash

Four-of-a-Kind: $1,000 Cash

Four BBC&C Logos: $2,500 Cash

High Roller Rules

  • Table Game Players that make a qualifying Big Hand from 4-7pm on Monday, Wednesday & Friday will be given the chance to play High Roller at 7pm on the evening of their qualifying hand.

  • Players will be given two dice to begin.

  • Dice must be thrown individually and must hit the back wall of the High Roller board.

  • Dice must remain on the board to qualify. Dice that do not remain on the board can be rethrown by the player.

  • If a pair is made in the first two dice, the player will be handed a third die to throw.

  • If the third die is also a match, the player will be given the fourth and final die to throw.

  • Appropriate rewards will be given to players at the conclusion of dice rolling.

55 Northeastern Blvd, Nashua, NH

603.943.5630   |  |  @bosbilliardclub

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