The winning hand must show all cards prior to the pot being awarded, unless there is only one live hand remaining. The cards speak for themselves, and dealers shall assist in reading hands and assigning correct value to all hands. Regardless, deserving hand shall rightfully be awarded the pot.

“One player per hand.” No player or spectator shall do anything that may affect decisions being made by active players about the hand in progress.

Cards must remain on the table and in view of all players and the dealer at all times. Players are required to protect their cards at all times. In the event of any mishap or unintended consequence of a hand not being protected, the player has no recourse. The line on the table is a courtesy line, and any chips moved in a betting motion and released beyond the plane of the player’s cards shall be considered a legal bet. A bet constitutes only chips that are released onto the table surface in the betting area using a betting motion. Using multiple independent motions shall be considered a string bet. A verbal declaration of action is binding on any active player. Action out of turn is binding if that action to that player has not changed. The actions check,call, and fold are not considered action changing. Conditional statements may also be considered binding, such as “If you raise, I will call”

The maximum rake in all poker games shall be $5. At the flop $1 will be raked, once the pot reaches or exceeds $20 the total rake will represent 10% of the pot rounded down to a full dollar. Up to $2 per hand may be taken for player-funded promotions, of which no rake is taken for the house, and 100% is paid back to players.

Cash does not play at the table. A player buying chips before a hand begins is considered to have chips as soon as they declare their intention. They may play with the assumption of said chips until they are furnished. Players may not add chips during an active hand.


Players must speak English at the table at all times while a hand is in play, whether players speaking the foreign language have cards or not.

Use electronic communication devices of any kind will not be permitted at the table when you have an active hand. Players must step away from the table to speak on the phone; if you are talking on the phone at the table when a hand it dealt, you will be dealt out. Tobacco products of any kind are not permitted in the casino. There will also be no acceptance of smoking, including electronic cigarette devices.

All management decisions are final. Management reserves the right to make decisions in the best interest of the game and protection of all parties involved. Decisions may be made based on the spirit of the rule or otherwise, regardless of the literal interpretation.

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